Tuesday, 26 January 2010


From the giant Sequoias of New Zealand to the ancient Bristlecone pines of the Californian dessert. 

From the twisted Mangrove swamps of the tropics to the green Bamboo forests of  Tangjiahe.

From the misty Evergreens of the Eastern Arc to the volcanic Flamboyas of Tanzania.

From the English Oaks of olden to the forlorn Caledonian Pines of the Highlands.

From the rain-lashed mountain Ashes of the Pyrenees to the lost White-beams of Catacol.

From the Teak-rows of Trinidad to the resolute Cypresses of the Italian north.

From the Mango groves of Pakistan to the Orange orchards of Seville.

From the snowdrift Larches of Siberia to the holy Palms in the Valley of Meggido.

From the Triassic Tree ferns of the Solomon Islands to the great Cedars of the Mackenzie River basin,

She travelled with me, 

my guide, 

my companion, 

my ghost.

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