Tuesday, 23 February 2010


We had buried the time capsule but had forgotten where.
Our teeth are yellowed and decayed but we don't mind.
We stopped worrying about such matters, we are old but we still regret that we cannot prove any of it.

I caught him smiling once and the rarity of it contained a certain power.
The lines returned from a paperback I had long removed from my mind.
"It's dark in there, but full of diamonds". I was no humanitarian, I could not go. I heard somewhere they traded guns for grapes. Never was sure if it could be true.

The tree-house that we built was in someone else's garden now and I don't think they took care of it. Probably gone now. I don't want to know anyway.
I saw no similarities between tragedy and comedy, perhaps I was a fool.

Still growing in a pot in the back garden the sempervivum betrothed from the botanist survived still. He found it in the Himalayas and said that it was unknown to science.
Perhaps it will live up to it's name and never die but they say nothing remains.

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