Friday, 29 January 2010

To Be Young. (written 5 years ago)

I was pushed I swear to thee to the very fringes of what I could tolerate. It sometimes all (existence) just feels like an exercise in tolerance. We are lambasted & vilified, heralded and heroicised in one breath. Opinion has become dilluted and we can not longer attain the concentrate. 

There are too many thoughts in the west and not enough experiences. I will not be dragged through the muck and I will not be conquered. "Take everything, give nothing back", But of course the sheer weight of my modern guilt would break me. We have the means and opportunities but we refuse them because we can. 

I spent years in repair and for what? To be pulled back into the rabble of the crowd. I will not and cannot tolerate my own failure. Others can feel free to do so and it seems this is an opportunity that many are willing to take. 

I dont believe there is anything risky about what I am doing. I am consumed with the confidence of my imagination. Fuck the rest of the art students! Its each for his own!

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