Thursday, 28 January 2010


It lifted it's great head with all the weight of its unbeknownst existence and its turbulent eyes swirled in the blackness of  the night. 

Its vision was poor in the dank and darkness of the swamp, even in the light of day when it wallowed remote lagoons and mud holes it could barely see danger coming, and danger always came. 

It lumbered through the waterway in which it habitually passed unseen by human eyes every night.

All of a sudden it was disturbed by an almighty flash and broke into a thunderous gallop. Reeds and roots were torn up and the water foamed in panic.

Apart from fleeting glimpses by local woodcutters, the Javan Rhinoceros had remained unseen by men of science for decades until it was captured on camera for the western world to marvel at.

Still only a ghost on a negative, it has passed into the vaults of legend. 

No one knows exactly how many survive and for how much longer. 

The Chinese medicine man repents not.

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